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9 Dec

Key Works Music brings you the compositions of American composer Kate Waring. The site has excerpts of sounds and images for your perusal. You can obtain copies of available scores by contacting:


Among Kate’s newest works are a pair of chamber operas: first “Are Women People?” with poems by Alice Duer Miller and story by Kate Waring. Alice Duer Miller was a suffragist whose mostly humorous poems were published in the New York Tribune starting in 1914. “Are Women People?” was premiered at Hughes Hall Pavilion Room in Cambridge, England in March 2014 with 2 sold out performances. “Are Women People?” starred

soprano: Hazel Neighbour as Amanda, the daughter

mezzo soprano: Jessica Lawrence Hares as Mrs. Webb

baritone: Simon Wilson as Mr. Webb

clarinet:Sarah Bowden/cello:Jonathan Fistein/piano:Alex Reid

The 2nd opera is based on “Porcelain and Pink”, a one-act play by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was premiered by the same team of 6 in February & March 2015 in the Hughes Hall Pavilion Room with the male role of Mr. Calkins being played by James Proctor. Due to popular demand, the opera will be performed in Clare Hall Cambridge and in London this autumn. “Are Women People?” will be performed in November 2015 as part of the Louisiana Sinfonietta’s 33rd Season in Baton Rouge.

A new CD featuring the Meininger Trio playing Kate’s “Lotus” for flute, cello & piano and works by other composers will soon be released by Profil Medien GmbH and Naxos. The CD ‘s title is “Mating Calls”.